About PTSA

Physics.This Sh!t Ain’t is another opinionated perspective in the modern day world of love, like, lust and the sweaty in-out. This blog is here to entertain while being somewhat informative on a light-hearted, romantic comedy with D-list actors (think Hav Plenty) level.

Since Love Jones is my favorite movie of all-time (which I guess makes me a pegro AKA pretentious negro), I figured that it’s only right that I use it convey the point of this blog. Physics, this sh!t ain’t. And by this, I mean love and all the stuff that comes with it.

I look for this site to spark conversation, invoke laughter, and just to make you look at some very complicated situations in a more simplistic way. Or maybe just a good laugh while reading this on the toilet. It will be a constant work in progress, and so I’d like for you to  enjoy this adventure and partake in the ups and downs that this site brings. I also would appreciate feedback (positive or critical) on ways to get this blog going.

D. is my writing personality, a young black male living in the Detroit metropolitan area (or in other words… the ‘burbs). My personal interest include Love Jones, web designing, English Premier League soccer, The Big Bang Theory, and cheesy romantic comedies. Feel free to follow me on twitter (@physicsthisaint and @ThayDilla), or email me at physicsthisaint@gmail.com

Hopefully you enjoy, laugh along, and have as good a time with this as I will.