It’s Been a Long Time….

It’s been a long time… I shouldn’t have left you… without a dope blog to sift through…
Thinking about all the dope lines you slept through… times up… sorry I kept you…

Okay… two weeks in the blogging world is an eternity, and I know better, so this is my attempt at re-capturing your attention and bringing Physics.This.Sh!t.Aint back to the forefront. This post will fall into the Jeopardy category of Potpourri, because even as I’m typing this… I have no clue where it’s about to go.

So I’ll just consider this some recent random observations about men, women, and relationships….

Nice Guys? Maybe. Light-skinned guys? Not yet.

Is 2011 the return of the “nice guy”? I’m not buying it yet, but on six different occasions from women, I have heard the term “nice guy” used as an endearing quality. Usually, nice guy is the excuse given as a reason for coming up short, like trying to make the kid who can’t read in the sixth grade feel better. But with all the BS going on and with sarcasm being the new form of conversing that everyone is conforming to… maybe “nice guys” are coming back? Stay tuned. Is light-skinned guys coming back too???? (Not yet… hold your horses Al B. Sure)

“Romance is dead… is what they said while sitting around cheating at pool.” I don’t think I’ve witnessed a real DATE occur with anyone I know in the past couple months. Seems like a bunch of meeting up, hooking up, coming over, going over… you get it. I admit that even I’m a product of this environment. Time seems to be at an ultimate premium (a major excuse of promosexuals… am I turning into one???) and it just seems easier and convenient to meet up for spurts of time rather than planned outings. And it just seems weird going out that you don’t see these things occurring in public like you used to. Hmmmm…

Summer summer summertime!


If you didn’t lock up someone by now, you better wait until post Halloween! It’s hunting season! And even then you’re now competing with the likes of NFL football, NBA, the new season of Dancing with the Stars, episodes of the Game and whatever Ochocinco-Basketball Wives-Deelishis-Lisa Raye show is out there. So consider this your off-season for next year. Have fun. Take a vacation. Enjoy the fruits of scant clothing and outdoor alcohol.

He isn't taking a Chance on that Community Chest...

Divorce ? Ready for another relationship. This is my only really “serious” made for TV advice… if someone is going through a serious break-up, recent divorce, separation, issues, etc…… RUN! Do NOT Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200.

Being a divorcee, I understand the nature of time as an individual. Talking to other divrocees, there is no skating around the issue. You need time to get past not only the breakdown of the relationship itself, but the mindset of the commitment as well as the lifestyle of a serious relationship. Often times you want the opposite of that for a while just to get yourself back together, whether you want to admit it or not. And if you’re dealing with someone like this… at this stage… it just isn’t going to work out for you. Like I say constantly (well only 2-3 times in this blog so far)… Physics.This.Sh!t.Aint. If it smells like issues, looks like issues, walks like issues??? It’s issues. And you probably don’t want to be a part of it.

Until next time with a more organized topic to type about.


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