10 Reasons to Watch Love Jones “Right Now”

This post is a tribute to those unfortunate individuals in the world that have missed out on one of the best well-scripted, respectful love comedies for African Americans.

Even if it makes me the pretentious negro, or the wanna-be poet, here are 10 reasons that EVERY black person (and some other members of different persuasions as well) need to see Love Jones (my favorite movie by the way).

10) Because you’ve already seen Friday, Next Friday, and the Friday after Next and I Got the Hookup!

9) The movie was set in Chicago, particularly the south side, and the first scene consisted of just showing normal people living their lives, and you already felt connected. The whole movie had such a soulful feel to it, the locations felt natural, and you just felt Chicago from this movie alone, even IF you’ve never been there. I’ve been to Chi-town a few times, and I get  this same feeling every time, whether it’s North or South.


8) Intelligent Normal Characters.

I was SO relieved to see a movie about individuals who weren’t exactly rich, but you could tell that they had a sense of intelligence to them. Also, just because they were intelligent, didn’t mean that they had a bunch of money with crazy jobs like Law Partner at 30 (Soul Food, Girlfriends, Two Can Play That Game) or Doctors. One was an aspiring author and one was a photograpgher. But the intelligence that flowed from everyone just felt good.

7) Nia Long. Dude… Nia LONG! Even females gotta give it up to her in this one. She brought along a whole new hair style that females picked up on. Her style of dress is still something I look for in females nowadays… hell, my DAUGHTER is named after Nina, which is Nia Long in this movie… but I ain’t obsessing..

6) Funny Dialogue. I believe I have quoted almost every line in this movie. How can you go wrong with quotes like…

“Al Green… you know you can’t go wrong with my man Al Green.”

“A cheese omelette? Boy, you better put your name on that, that’s better than Michael Jordan comback”

“Daaaaaaaaaaaamn….. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!”

“I don’t need poetry to get women…
Naw you need a personality to get women…
Naw try a breath mint… and a Visa”

5) Larenz Tate. I know y’all were feeling him as O-Dog, the dude in Dead Prez… but this is role right here. He set if off and you just liked his innocent aggressiveness in the story.

4) Musical score. This has gotta be the best musical score I have ever seen in a movie. If you don’t have the Love Jones soundtrack… c’mon dawg… we will seriously have to consider revoking your soul card. Maxwell, Lauryn Hill, In a Sentimental Mood (Coltrane and Ellington), Me’shell Ndegeocello, and in the movie they had Chicago step music, reggae, Jamiroquai, Dionne Farris, Brand New Heavies… can you say DAMN!

3) Love… I mean the insight this move had on love was something. My blog originated from the line “Physics this shit ain’t”. Other lines include:

“True love my ass… love is what you make, and with you make it…”

“It’s not supposed to make sense… love… passion… it is what it is…”

“When that jones come down… it can be a muthaf**ka!”

“Romance is about the possibility… between the time when you meet some fine ass woman, and you first make love to her… from the moment you ask a woman to marry you… and you say I do”

“I love you… and that’s urgent like a muthaf**ka”

2) “The Sweetest Thing I’ve Ever Known”

This isn’t IN the movie, but the extra video that occurs after the movie. If that song ain’t love… I don’t know what is. Plus it’s one of the FEW moments of Lauryn Hill that we can look back on and know that it won’t be on a reality TV show about her and her Brady Bunch.

1) Because it is 4.49 at Amazon!

If you’ve seen this movie, and you don’t like it, comment on it and we can discuss… otherwise I’ll assume that you’re going out for some muthaf**kin Toasted Oats.


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4 Responses to 10 Reasons to Watch Love Jones “Right Now”

  1. Dinn says:

    I agree with all of them except #5. I think Lorenz Tate should be #1 Ha!

  2. D. says:

    Well in that case, Nia Long should be numero uno and Lisa Nicole Carson #2!

  3. Lauron Thomas says:

    Love love love the movie and I agree with all your points.
    One of my fave lines though:

    “yea, I got your number”

    such an, as you put it, innocently aggressive line and moment in the movie.

    (I think I’m going home to watch it tonight)

  4. Kinghenry says:

    dude m why u aint writing no more, you alright? sorry for posting this here, had no where else to get hold of you

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